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The Place of the Theotokos in Icons of the Resurrection

There are three general representations of the Resurrection in Orthodoxy: the Harrowing of Hades, Christ triumphantly rising from the tomb, and the angel appearing to the myrrh-bearing women beside the empty tomb (example at the top of this post). The … Continue reading

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Wonder working Icon of the Theotokos thwarts thieves

The Panagia Giatrissa Icon (All-Holy Virgin “the Healer”) is a well-known wonder-working image in Greece. In the early hours of December 24th 2014, another miracle was added to the list attributed to the holy icon.

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Weeping Icons in Ukraine and Russia

Over the past couple of days, a number of websites have been linking to an article I posted a couple of years ago, quoting Fr Seraphim Rose’s words on why icons of the Mother of God weep. The reason for … Continue reading

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The Clouded Mount Icon of the Mother of God

The Uncut Icon of the Mother of God, also called the “Clouded Mount” (Ru: Tuchnaya Gora – Тучная Гора) is particularly associated with the Annunciation (March 25), as this icon was revealed as miracle-working on the eve of the feast. … Continue reading

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Miracle-Working Softener of Evil Hearts Icon

The first Sunday after Pentecost celebrates, among other things, the Softener of Evil Hearts Icon (Умягчение злых сердец)of the Mother of God. It is undeniable that the image of Mary here is sentimental, painted in soft tones with her eyes … Continue reading

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Why do Icons of the Mother of God weep?

The following is one of Eugene Rose’s “lay sermons” entitled Weeping Icons of the Mother of God, delivered in November 1966. Eugene Rose was later tonsured as the monk, Fr Seraphim, a great modern-day ascetic and writer.

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How not to be an accidental Iconoclast

Following on from the post What makes an Icon Holy?, it is clear an image is holy when it truly depicts someone who is holy, rather than through any magical way it was produced. It also means that a completed … Continue reading

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