Weeping Icons in Ukraine and Russia

Weeping icons of the Mother of God (left) and St Anne (right)

Over the past couple of days, a number of websites have been linking to an article I posted a couple of years ago, quoting Fr Seraphim Rose’s words on why icons of the Mother of God weep. The reason for this is because of uncorroborated stories appearing in a Polish paper reporting dozens of icons weeping in both Russia and Ukraine.

Many of these websites are rather “apocalyptic” in tone and are regarding these miracles as a portent of how the Crimean crisis may escalate into full-scale war (simultaneously fulfilling so-called prophecies of Fatima). It’s worth noting that the icons have not begun weeping in the past few days, or even this year, but in fact began to weep in September last year (as described here). Therefore, the weeping icons preceded the protests in Kiev and the current situation, and may have warned about what has now happened, rather than anything worse to come.

However, amid the article linked to by so many websites recently are the most important words regarding this and every situation:

What is certain is [the] tears of the Mother of God speak directly to the heart of every Orthodox believer, calling all to repentance, amendment of life and return to Orthodox faith and tradition in their fullness.

As we are beginning the rigors of the Lenten fast, let us take the tears of the Mother of God as a reminder to repent ourselves, praying also that fellow Christians in Russia, Ukraine and worldwide may act wisely and in the fear of God.


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3 Responses to Weeping Icons in Ukraine and Russia

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  2. orthodoxchristian2 says:

    Let us pray for this disaster in Ukraine to be over! Let the protests end peacefully, and the Uniates return to Orthodoxy. The crying of the Mother of God, the Theotokos, is truly a sign from The Blessed Trinity indeed!

  3. turtlemom3 says:

    Sadly, you seem to be posting as infrequently as I do on my blogs. I do hope you will begin to complete your series of posts on the Menaion Icons of Russia (and Greece). This is a very important topic, and explains how many illiterate people could track the Feasts, fasts, and daily commemorations.

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