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Hetoimasia | The Throne of Preparation

The Hetoimasia (Gr. ἑτοιμασία, “preparation”), or Throne of Preparation, is one of the most widespread images in iconography, particularly in Orthodox Christianity. It very rarely dominates any composition it is part of, so the image and its significance can be … Continue reading

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Why do the Saints never smile in icons?

There are over 400 occurrences of the word “joy” in the Bible, most of them referring to what awaits those who become close to God. So why do icons – portraits of people who have been received by Christ into … Continue reading

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Are the Saints who destroyed idols Iconoclasts?

In the 8th-century A.D., the veneration of images of Christ and His Saints was restored by the Byzantine Emperor, after being previously outlawed. This Triumph of Orthodoxy not only defended the veneration of icons as “permissible”, but actively confessed the … Continue reading

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Saints who destroyed religious images

Previous posts called What Makes an Icon Holy? and How not to be an accidental Iconoclast have, hopefully, explained why Icons are given such an exalted place within Orthodoxy. In short, icons are holy when they represent holy things: Christ … Continue reading

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The Warrior Saints

Also called soldier saints, these are a group of saints who were generally soldiers in life, martyrs to Christ in death, and then latterly revealed as our heavenly protectors. But is their appearance in icons – equipped and ready for … Continue reading

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Tiny 6th Century Icons Found in Jerusalem

Israel Archaeologists have announced the discovery of a 1,400-year-old Christian devotional aid (dubbed a “Prayer Box”) made of bone, with two paintings believed to portray the Virgin Mary and Jesus. The size of the box (a tiny 0.8 x 0.6in, … Continue reading

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Akathist Hymn in Icons | Prophecies and Praises

In my last post about the Akathist Hymn in Icons, I mentioned the Old Testament Saints who surround the Mother of God, offering her praises. It is Old Testament Saints who surround the Mother of God, rather than St Roman … Continue reading

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