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The Life of St John the Baptist in Iconography

For the Feast of the Beheading of John the Baptist (Aug 29), I have posted a vita icon, which shows not only John the Forerunner and Baptist, but many of the other feasts and traditions associated with him. An explanation … Continue reading

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Holy-Martyr Panteleimon the Unmercenary

On July 27th, the feast-day of St Panteleimon is celebrated. Born Pantoleon (Gr. “in all-things like a lion”), this pagan took the name Panteleimon (Gr. “All-Merciful”) upon being baptized. He belongs to a group of Saints known as Holy Unmercenaries … Continue reading

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The Vita Icon of St Mary of Egypt

The Fifth Sunday of Great Lent commemorates the life of St Mary of Egypt, a well-known ascetic Saint who lived in the late 5th/early 6th century. Below is a brief biography of the Saint, with scenes from her “Vita Icon”. … Continue reading

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