Surety of Sinners Icon comes to England

from Kirillo Belozerski Monastery

Surety of Sinners (High Res)

From 23rd to 28th November 2011, the wonderworking Icon of the Mother of God “Surety of Sinners” is being brought to England from Moscow. It will be brought by a delegation headed by His Grace, Bishop Tikhon of Podolsk, Chairman of the Moscow Patriarchate’s Finance and Economic Administration, Rector of the church of St Nicholas at Khamovniki in Moscow where the icon resides.

More details from Diocese of Sourozh website

About the Surety of Sinners Icon


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2 Responses to Surety of Sinners Icon comes to England

  1. Gentle Heart says:

    a beautiful icon and the face of our Panagia is so sweet and serene … very gentle and relaxed.

  2. Anonysquirrel says:

    I’m quite baffled as to why the first stop for this Icon on its visit to Britain was the Russian Embassy. Only then was it taken to the Russian Orthodox Cathedral.

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