Nativity Greetings | News for 2017

Nativity Icon from Mount Athos

Nativity Icon from Mount Athos

Prepare, O Bethlehem, for Eden has been opened to all!
Adorn yourself, O Ephratha, for the tree of life blossoms forth from the Virgin in the cave!
Her womb is a spiritual paradise planted with the Divine Fruit:
If we eat of it, we shall live forever and not die like Adam.
Christ comes to restore the image which He made in the beginning!

Christmas greetings to everyone reading. There has been little activity on this site for a while, but I fully intend to start writing again in the new year. God-willing, it will happen – and should include a “Synaxarion” of Iconographer Saints and a number of articles charting the history of Icons throughout the Church’s history.

In the meantime, may you all have a blessed Nativity feast and a peaceful New Year.


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2 Responses to Nativity Greetings | News for 2017

  1. Anthony says:

    Thank you for all of your efforts. Any chance of exploring the iconographic account of the Metastasis of St John the Theologians (September 26)? It isn’t quite rare to see more than a portrait for this Saint’s celebration, even though the uniqueness of Metastasis Ian only otherwise celebrated for the Theotokos, in combination with her Dormition (August 15). The few icons I have seen follow then same pattern as those of the Theotokos in type, but include the unique burial account found in his life. Thanks!

  2. iconreader says:

    I will certainly think about it. Writing some more pieces on St John the Theologian is worth doing.

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