Miracle of the Bleeding Image of Theodore Stratelates

Fresco of Great-Martyr Theodore Stratalates (The General)

The Holy Great-Martyr Theodore Stratelates (“the General”) is remembered on February 8th, the day of his martyrdom in 319 A.D. The transfer of the St Theodore’s relics is remembered on June 8.

On this day is also remembered a miracle from an image of the Great-Martyr in a church of his name, at a place called Karsata, near Damascus. The Saracens had turned this church into a residence. One of the Saracens shot an arrow into the image of the St Theodore. From the shoulder of the saint, where the arrow had stuck into the wall, blood flowed forth in front of the eyes of everyone. A short while later, the Saracens who had settled in the church were found dead; it is thought that in a madness they had all killed each other. The miracle – a sign of both the power God gives to His Saints and the consequences of desecrating their images – was recorded by the Patriarch Anastasios of Antioch (+ 599), who saw the fresco in question, which still showed traces of dried blood.

Life of St Theodore Stratelates from the Prologue of the Ohrid

Iconography of the Military Saints

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