Called to Orthodoxy by an Icon | A Convert’s Story

Christ Pantocrator Mosaic

A conversion story taken from the “Journey to Orthodoxy” website, describing how a Calvanist was brought to Orthodoxy by an icon. An excerpt:

After my first semester, I flew back to Hawaii for the winter break. While there, I was invited to a Bible study at Ss. Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church. At the Bible study I kept looking across the table to the icons that were for sale. My eyes kept going back to this one particular icon of Christ holding the Bible in His hand. For the next several days I could not get that icon out of my mind.

I went back and bought the icon. When I bought it, I wasn’t thinking of becoming Orthodox. I bought it because I thought it was cool, and as a little gesture of rebellion against the heavily Reformed stance at [the theological college I attended]. However, I also felt a spiritual power in the icon that made me more aware of Christ’s presence in my life.

Full Story>>

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