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Holy-Martyr Panteleimon the Unmercenary

On July 27th, the feast-day of St Panteleimon is celebrated. Born Pantoleon (Gr. “in all-things like a lion”), this pagan took the name Panteleimon (Gr. “All-Merciful”) upon being baptized. He belongs to a group of Saints known as Holy Unmercenaries … Continue reading

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The Icons that Canonized the Holy Royal Martyrs

The 17th of July (July 4 in the Old Calendar) marks the anniversary and feast day of Holy Passion-Bearer Tsar Nicholas II and his family. Russia’s last royal family are universally recognized in the Orthodox Church as saints worthy of … Continue reading

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Milk-Giver Icon | Not Scandalized by the Incarnation

On July 3, the Icon of the Virgin “Galaktotrophousa” (Γαλακτοτροφουσα, meaning “the Milk-Giver”) is celebrated. The Icon shows the Mother of God breast-feeding Christ. Not many modern icons use this composition, which may hide just how ancient and widespread this … Continue reading

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