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Icon of the Three Holy Hierarchs

The Icon of the Three Holy Hierarchs shows a meeting together – a synaxis¬†– of three of the greatest theologians in the Church’s history: Ss Basil the Great, John Chyrstostom, and Gregory the Theologian. Such “meeting” or “synaxis” icons are … Continue reading

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The Mandorla in Icons – Revealing Mystery

An ancient symbol, the mandorla is the most concise way to express Christ’s majesty, glory and divinity in holy icons. It is found surrounding Jesus Christ in icons of His Resurrection, Transfiguration, Ascension, the Dormition, and of Christ in Glory. … Continue reading

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Theotokos Icon of Unexpected Joy

In the writings of St. Dimitri of Rostov there is an instructive narrative about a certain sinner who unexpectedly experienced the joy of repentance before an icon of the Mother of God. This event became so beloved of the Russian … Continue reading

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The Resurrection | Icon of Victory

And if Christ is not risen, then our preaching is empty and your faith is also empty. – St Paul the Apostle At the centre of the Christian faith is Jesus Christ and His Resurrection from the dead. As such, … Continue reading

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Boy George Returns Stolen Cypriot Icon

Cyprus’ Orthodox Christian Church on Thursday thanked former Culture Club singer Boy George for returning an icon of Christ that it says was stolen from a church in the breakaway north of the divided island. Boy George agreed to return … Continue reading

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An Intimate Icon – George of Ioannina

This is an icon of the martyr Saint George, who was executed at the hand of the Turks by public hanging in the Greek city of Ioannina in 1838, at the age of 30. The icon is notable because it … Continue reading

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Euthymius of Sardis: A Witness for Icons

The Church has always understood that there is no greater witness to the Faith than to lie down one’s life for the Truth. Therefore, in the tumultus¬†later centuries of the first millennium, when self-confessed Christians fought self-confessed Christians, it is … Continue reading

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